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LifeCell Anti-Aging Cream
Review Author: Samantha Philburn

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Summary: The Life Cell Anti Aging cream is in all-in-one skincare product that is supposed to visibly reduce signs of aging on your skin. Its special formula targets wrinkles, puffiness, crows feet, and other skin imperfections associated with aging. The company claims you will see results in 17 seconds.

How I Came Across LifeCell…

So I actually first found out about LifeCell while I was watching TV. It was advertised briefly on the Morning Show, and for some reason the concept behind this product intrigued me. The creator of this product claimed that his skin-care cream was an all-in-one solution to achieving a more youthful looking face.

Rather than have a vast array of moisturizers, anti-aging serum, and facial cream, you could invest in Life Cell to achieve all that. Plus his product had a special system for reducing wrinkles immediately – and I’ll get into the effectiveness of that later.

Either way, I was intrigued enough to look at a number of LifeCell reviews. After noticing a significant number of positive reviews about this product, I decided to try it out for myself.

How Does LifeCell Work?

There are basically two components to the LifeCell anti-aging process. There’s the short term (within a few seconds) effects of the product, and the long term effects of the product.

Short Term Effects

lifecell light reflectionIn terms of short term care, LifeCell actually contains a series of light reflecting particles. These particles are supposed to reflect light away from the skin, thus immediately reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

And the science behind this makes sense.

This is because when you look at a wrinkled face, what you’re actually looking at are shadows caused by uneven skin. When you reflect the light away from the wrinkles, you are removing any shadows, thus reducing the visibility of wrinkles. The wrinkles are still technically there, you just can’t see them (it’s surprising no one has thought of this technology before!).

And while these short term effects may be enough for some people, the company claims that the long-term effects of the product are what really sells it.

Long Term Effects

Lifecell contains 6 primary ingredients to help moisturize and nourish the skin. In fact, the company claims that it is one of the most effective moisturizers in the world, since it can moisturize up to 20 layers of skin (most moisturizers only penetrate about 4 or 5 layers).

The combination of the 6 ingredients helps stimulate collagen production in the body, which in turn firms the skin and reduces (or removes) wrinkles over time. For those of you who don’t know, collagen is a natural protein produced in the body. It’s responsible for holding the skin together and keeping it firm. But as you age, your body produces less collagen which results in more wrinkles. By stimulating collagen production in the body, LifeCell can therefore make the skin firmer thus eradicating unsightly wrinkles.

Since LifeCell is made with all-natural ingredients, the product presents no undesirable side effects. All the ingredients can be found separately in nature – the company has just found a way to bring them all together into one skin cream.

Of course, all these short and long term effects sound fantastic. Smoother and younger looking skin is something nearly every women over 30 dreams of. But does LifeCell actually work as advertised?

My personal LifeCell Review below reveals my own personal experience with this new anti-aging cream.

certified organicLifeCell Key Ingredients

  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • DMAE
  • Retinol (Vitamin A)
  • Ubiquinone (Super Oxidant)
  • Deanol (Muscle Toner)
  • Ascorbyl Pamitate (Vitamin C)

My LifeCell Review

My First Use

I went into LifeCell skeptical it would actually work as advertised. While I didn’t think it would be a totally useless face cream, I didn’t think I would see results within seconds as the company claimed. After all, how would it be possible for something to work so quickly?

So I applied the cream as directed one morning. I liked how the cream felt smooth but not too oily in my fingers. When I rubbed it on my skin it went on easily and absorbed quickly after just a few light rubs. After applying a generous amount of cream to my face, I waited a few minutes before looking in the mirror.

When I looked in the mirror I was shocked to see that many of the wrinkles and lines on my face had diminished in visibility or even disappeared entirely. Now it didn’t manage to remove the sight of all wrinkles (sigh… a girl can dream), but it did substantially make my skin look firm and younger in a very short period of time.

So I guess there really was something to all that light-reflecting mumjo-jumbo the company was talking about!

Long-term Effects

I have been using LifeCell for about two months now, and so far I’m very impressed with how nicely my skin has transformed over the past several weeks. I used to have some rather unsightly crows feet developing around my eyes, but now they have disappeared completely. The few fine lines I had on my lips have also entirely disappeared – now I can wear lipstick without fearing that cracks will emerge on my lips.

Overall my face looks tighter and younger. It really has been a very drastic change over the past two months and I really can only attribute it to LifeCell. These changes didn’t happen instantly. But after several weeks of using LifeCell regularly, I was beginning to notice a difference. This product doesn’t seem to just stop the aging process on your skin – it manages to reverse it a little bit too.

My only gripe is with the price. At $190 per bottle, it is by far the most expensive skin-care cream I’ve ever purchased. While it would be nice to see the price tag a little lower, I do realize that in terms of anti-aging cream, there is no other product that is anywhere near as effective as LifeCell. But if you want something that actually works, you have to be willing to pay for it.

If you think you can get a skin-care cream like LifeCell for $50, you’re living in a fantasy world I’m afraid. On the plus side, each bottle seems to last a long time.

Other LifeCell All In One Anti Aging Cream Reviews

I decided to include excerpts from other LifeCell Anti Aging Cream reviews to add some other perspectives on the effectiveness of this product.

“Lifecell didn’t replace all of my skincare products, BUT it did replace my eye cream and anti aging serum. The effect I got from using lifecell is like nothing I’ve seen before. I saw skin tightening within 3 weeks. I even saw the fine lines on my lips start to disappear.” Angie, Amazon.com

“I decided to go ahead and take the plunge since some people were reporting good success with LifeCell. Well, it’s been a week now and I’ve seen AMAZING improvement in reduced visibily of my crowsfeet…EVEN WHEN I SMILE! Just like the claims say, this stuff seems to dramatically reduce fine lines and may even eliminate them??!”  Jessica, Amazon.com

“I actually called this company to make sure they were legitimate, turns out they had a real live person answer the phone and answer all my questions. Anyways I got the cream and I have noticed a difference of the wrinkles around my face. I rarely comment on products but this one deserves an excellent review.” Chrystal, Amazon.com

Pros and Cons


  • Works almost instantly to reduce the visibility of wrinkles
  • Helps stimulate collagen production to reverse the aging process
  • highly effective against wrinkles, fine lines, crows nest, and dark patches around eyes
  • made from all-natural ingredients
  • Effectiveness of ingredients is supported by 5 independent scientific studies


  • Fairly high price tag
  • Sometimes long-term effects don’t become apparent as quickly as company claims

Conclusion: Is LifeCell Right For You?

As far as anti-aging creams go, LifeCell is at the top of the list. Its combination of 6 key ingredients help reduce the appearance of wrinkles in minutes. Plus, after continued usage of Life Cell, you will notice less wrinkles on your face, a tighter looking skin, and a more youthful appearance.

Often times people spend hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on expensive botox or cosmetic surgery. Personally I don’t have the money to spend on such treatments. Plus everyone in your social circle knows when you get that kind of work done on your face. They whisper about it amongst their friends and tell their spouses. That’s because cosmetic surgery makes it look like you’re trying too hard to look younger – and people see right through it. I would always recommend someone try LifeCell first before dropping serious money on that kind of cosmetic surgery.

It’s a natural, pain-free approach to a younger looking face.

Where To Buy LifeCell… IMPORTANT INFO

LifeCell Anti-Aging CreamSo I get it – you would desperately like your face to look younger but don’t want to waste money on another skincare product that may not work. After all, the company makes some pretty bold claims about what LifeCell can do for your face. I was also skeptical about this product two months ago.

But I’m glad I decided to get it because it has drastically improved the look of my face. My skin is tighter, there are less wrinkles, and I no longer have crows feet around my eyes.

Achieving a noticeably younger, wrinkle-free face can happen to you too – and for the fraction of the price of cosmetic surgery.

Even if you’re still on the fence about LifeCell, I recommend you try it now. The company is currently offering a 30-day Risk-free trial of LifeCell so you can try this anti-aging cream first before buying it. This is a fantastic deal because it allows you to see for yourself (for free) whether this product is right for you.

I have included a special link below where you can gain access to this special 30-day trial offer. I suggest you take it – you’ll thank me for it 3 weeks from now 🙂

It’s time to take control of your skin. Stop living with wrinkles and a noticeably older face when you don’t have to! Give LifeCell a try today!

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